Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"First in the Fall" Debate

The New Hampshire debate is beginning. We'll see whether Wendell Goler again tries to put words in Ron Paul's mouth. This is sponsored by Fox News, so I suspect that's exactly what will happen.

Huge applause for Paul -- vastly bigger than for Tancredo or Huckabee. At least equal to Giuliani, who got a lot of boos as well as applause. Lots of applause for McCain, too, of all things. A moderate amount for Romney.

Sounds like there's a Paul contingent in the audience. There oughta be, this is New Hampshire, after all, home of the Free State Project.

Crikey, the first question is about Thompson. Who cares?

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Anonymous said...

Is there a group of "Students at WashU for Ron Paul?" I would like to work with people, in support of Ron Paul, around my own age, even though I've graduated. Please contact me if there is a meetup of this sort.